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Hungaria Cup

Competition nameHungaria Cup
Start date20180816
End date20180820
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityTapolca
Club/organizerPostas Sport Club
Region of countryBalaton Lake
Number of competition days5
Expected number of runners1000
WRE event?No
URL for event homepage[Link]
CorrectionsMake corrections for this event
URL for invitation[Link]
Contact email address
Max distance from eventcentre to competitions15km
Latest entry date02-08-2018
Entry fee (Euro)35EUR/5 days
Typical accomodation fee, tent (Euro)4EUR/day
Event description5-days, daytime, individual, international competition with combined results and a chasing start on Day 5.
Terrain descriptionDay 1-2: Runnable deciduous forest, mixed in with large semi-open areas, variable relief detail, poor path network. Hight above sea level: 180-250m. Day 3: Downtown of Tapolca. Typical, looely built-up townscape with parks. Day 4-5 (Used in 2002 for the European Orienteering Championship): Runnable deciduous and coniferous forest, with large significant trees. In places rich in rock detail. The area’s path network is poor. Relief detail is variable. Hight above sea level: 140 - 240m.
Training possibilitiesOn 15th August 2018 there will be training 8km from Tapolca.
Holiday activities,nature,hiking etc.- Events of the Tapolca Wine Week will run in the afternoon of every race day in the town. - Tapolca cave lake - Tapolca Mill-pond - Saint Anthony Wine Museum - Swimming: Tapolca, Héviz, Balaton
Street address of navigation point8297 Tapolca , Diszel, Vadászház 179.
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