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Lahti–Hollola Jukola

Competition nameLahti–Hollola Jukola
Start date20180616
End date20180617
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityHollola
Club/organizerHU-46 & LS-37
Region of countryPäijät-Häme
Number of competition days2
Expected number of runners20000
WRE event?No
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Event descriptionThe Jukola Relay of the year 2018 will be held in Hälvälä, Hollola, in the heart of the Päijät-Häme region. The 70th Jukola Relay and the 41st Venla Relay will take place in a magnificent landscape and in a demanding terrain. The type of the terrain, which is exceptional in southern Finland, originates in the Ice Age and supplies the Anniversary Jukola Relay with a high level. Jukola Relay is a unique event. The world’s biggest orienteering relay has become Finland’s biggest sports event for adults. In 2015 the number of visitors was over 50.000. The event is international, there are foreign teams from over 20 countries and they make up a fifth of the participants. The event consists of two competitions. In the daytime women will decide the winner at Venla Relay and at twilight there will be the starting shot for Jukola Relay whose winners will run on the home straight at dawn. Many people follow the relays in media and there will be as many as 12,5 hours of live TV and radio broadcasts at the weekend including even international broadcasts. There is magic in the night of Jukola. The event is unique as the world’s elite and a member of a novicelike hobby team meet at the same control points in the forest. Winning Jukola Relay is every top orienteer’s dream and that is why it brings together the world’s best orienteers and clubs year after year. Also, the number of keep-fit and business teams is increasing year by year. The participants of the event differ in various ways and numerous first-timers want to live through the experience again, either as a competitor or a spectator on the spot.
Terrain descriptionThe competition area is dominated by depression terrains formed by the ice-age. At the borders there is also dry peaty forest with pines and cliffy areas. Here and there, the ground is stony but on the other hand you will find open pine forest with good runnability and lots of paths. The deepest depressions go down some 40 meters but the major part of the area is comprised of smaller depressions and forest with good runnability. The area has been normally lumbered and there are lots of vegetation boundaries especially in the eastern part. Yet, there has only been a little forest thinning and the visibility is good. Altogether we offer a vast and unique terrain of varying deep and small depressions seldom seen in Finland. The competition centre is a former airfield in Hälvälä, which has hosted two earlier Jukola relays in 1951 and 1987. The mappers are Arvo Paulin and Jarmo Pikkarainen. Thanks to these experienced specialists, laser scanning and stereo mapping the clarity of the contours and the exact location of objects are of high quality.
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