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Apr 2011 - more in
21.04-25.04 HANA Orienteering Easter 2011 Czech Republic Zlate Hory
22.04-24.04 Prague Easter 2011 Czech Republic Ceska Lipa
23.04-24.04 Hegyisport Kupa / Semmelweis EV. Hungary Fenyőfő
May 2011 - more in
06.05-08.05 Valea Gurgiului Cup Romania Reghin
06.05-08.05 TIPO Cup and Szelrozsa Night-O Hungary Gyöngyös
08.05 Memorijal Stipice Mesića - Ačka Croatia Zagreb - Dubravica
14.05-15.05 Hungarian Night Championship / Szentendre Cup Hungary Ágasegyháza

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