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Mar 2008 - more in
01.03-02.03 Juniper Open Spring 2008 Hungary Bócsa
08.03-09.03 Lipica open Slovenia Dutovlje
15.03-16.03 Spring Spartacus Cup Hungary Gánt
21.03-23.03 Sandstone Easter Czech Republic Ceska Lipa
22.03-23.03 Nograd Grand Prix 2008 Hungary Salgotarjan
29.03-30.03 Strazilovo Cup Serbia Novi Sad
29.03-30.03 Semmelweis and Hegyisport (Mountainsport) Cup Hungary Vérteskozma
30.03 1. WOLV-Cup, 5. OLCup Wienerwald Austria Maria Enzersdorf

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