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Start date20181124
End date20181124
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityGirona / Barcelona
Club/organizerClub Aligots
Region of countryCatalonia
Number of competition days1
Expected number of runners500
WRE event?No
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Latest entry date16/11/2018
Event descriptionThe terrain of the race is very similar to the WORLD ROGAINING CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 (La Molina). 8h / 4h (night and day)
Terrain descriptionMap made by the cartographers Marian Cotirta, Ionut Zinca, Manus Anghel and Andreea Zinca during the autumn of 2015 and spring 2016. They are the same cartographers of our previous map of Cap de Creus and again they have done a great job and we can enjoy Of an excellent map that is in the height of the circumstances and will not leave anyone indifferent. Made at 1: 20,000 scale, with equidistance of curves of 10 m, it has an area of ​​about 27 km2, with a minimum height of 990 m above sea level and a maximum of 2040 m. The cartographers have done a very good job of representing the vegetation, the relief and the most significant and necessary elements for guidance. Of course, dealing with a map of Rogaine on this scale, it has been necessary to generalize and for that reason it does not have the exhaustive detail of a specific map of the orientation race. However, according to our criterion of eliminating or minimizing the luck factor in the choice of route and navigation, the vegetation has been drawn with its characteristic elements of open and semi-open areas, with or without scratching, And forests with their green gradation according to their penetrability. All this allows you to enjoy the orientation with your various techniques and navigate your way to safely steer clear of the paths. There is a complete range of tracks, paths and paths throughout the map. In spite of this there are extensive zones where at the most can be found some trace of way done by the animal. The area has a fairly balanced combination of pastureland and wooded areas. We found the presence of grazing livestock, cows and horses mainly, and wild animals typical of the area: wild boars, vultures, foxes, et
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