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"Trail of Fallen Leaves" Rogaining

Competition name"Trail of Fallen Leaves" Rogaining
Start date20181124
End date20181125
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityStrzelin near Wroclaw
Club/organizerPTTK Strzelin
URL for event homepage[Link]
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Event descriptionrogaining 10 h Rogaining is a team sport of cross country navigation, where a team of 2-5 people plans its route and then tries to reach as many control points withing time limit allowed as possible. Control points are shown on the competition map and marked in terrain using orienteering flags. Strzelin rogaining Each control point has its weight. High weight point is harder to reach, but contributes more to team's overall score. Before the start each team must decide on their strategy by deciding which points will they attempt to reach, trying to maximize their final score. Teams travel on foot all the time, using map and compass for navigation. Races are open for participants of any age, both men and women. Everyone competes on the same course, but results are divided into age and gender classes.
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