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Competition namePLANA OPEN 2016
Start date20160423
End date20160424
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityYarema - Sofia district
Club/organizerSerdica OK
Number of competition days2
Expected number of runners500
URL for event homepage[Link]
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Latest entry date15.04.2016
Event descriptionTwo middle distances competition.We have found interesting terrain and will try to prepare excellent map with demanding courses.
Terrain descriptionThe terrain is situated around 1300 m and 1450 m above sea level. It is dominated by many contour details. Due to the characteristics of the land and water flow the terrain features with numerous landforms and details and presence of small knolls and gullies. In the field there are places with cliffs and rock formations. The forest is mainly white pine with good visibility and runnability and without undergrowth. The road network is well developed.
Training possibilitiesSimilar terrains - upon request.
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