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Ilves 3 2015

Competition nameIlves 3 2015
Start date20150501
End date20150503
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityUniküla-Vooremäe
Club/organizerOK Ilves
Region of countryTartumaa
Number of competition days3
Expected number of runners500
URL for event homepage[Link]
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Contact email address
Contact phone number+372 53420820
Latest entry date26.04.2015
Entry fee (Euro)3-9 EUR
Event descriptionIlves-3 is one of Estonia's largest individual orienteering competitions. It is traditionally held in the first weekend of May. In 2015 it is held near the organising club's hometown Tartu. The first day will be held in Vooremägi which doubles as a skiing centre in winter. The second and third day will be held in Uniküla, one of WOC 2017 official training maps and which is also used as favoured field-training site for the local military school.
Terrain descriptionThe forests of Uniküla are from medium to fairly good runnability. There also occures some poorer runnability and old fields that are growing into thickets.The height difference on the terrain is 60m, on one slope 45m. The relief varies from flat areas to microrelief to large forms. There are a few large swamps and many smaller swamp on the terrain. The forest has a ordered network of tracks, also there are many paths and signs of forestry. In many places there are fallen trees which are mapped with symbol 408.0 (Undergrowth, difficult to run). Near the competition centre is a area for military field trainings thus there are many less distinct paths, small man-made objects and trenches. The larger collapsing trenches are marked with symbol 117.0 (rough terrain). Vooremägi is a hill with a thick network of tracks and paths that has a relative height of 60m.The runnability of the forest is from medium to good. There are some small swamps in the flat area of the southeastern and southern part of the terrain. During the last few years there has been much maintenance forestry. Thus there are many tractor tracks and the largest of those are marked with the symbol 508.0 (less distinct small path), and the smallest are not mapped. There are many small running tracks and mountain biking tracks that are mapped with the symbol 507.0 (small footpath).
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