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Andalucia-O-Meeting WRE (AOM)

Competition nameAndalucia-O-Meeting WRE (AOM)
Start date20130222
End date20130225
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityCanos de Meca / Barbate / Tarifa / Cadiz
Club/organizerSun-O Andalucia
Region of countryCadiz
Number of competition days4
Expected number of runners1000
WRE event?Yes
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Max distance from eventcentre to competitions50
Latest entry date15-Feb-2013
Entry fee (Euro)39
Typical accomodation fee, hotel (Euro)25
Typical accomodation fee, tent (Euro)20
Event descriptionFor the fourth time, Andalucia-O-Meeting 2013 is organized in the 'Meca of Orienteering', the magnificent micro-dunes of the natural area "Pinar de la Brena", located between Barbate and Canos de Meca, Cadiz province. Our objective is to offer you "different" and fun high quality competitions, in the mild winter climate of the desolate Atlantic Beaches (15-25C) having you taste some of Andalusian culture and food. This year, we managed to obtain WRE status and identified a new great terrain. Nos vemos en el bosque !
Terrain descriptionTerrains are generally fast, detailed, with many small hills and depressions, hard sand dunes with pines, mixed with some low bushes, all next to the seaside. Some areas are more hilly and sometimes even steep. The WRE will take place on a brand new terrain and map.
Training possibilitiesITCO Costa de Trafalgar (International Training CentrO) is Europe's most sunny orienteering paradise, with over 30sq km of maps and trainings next to the accomodation and the atlantic ocean!
Holiday activities,nature,hiking etc.Aside from the beaches and the sunshine, there are ample opportunities and facilities for leisure activities. The Costa de la Luz is especially noted for the beauty of its protected natural reserves and a number of first-rate natural attractions. Among them are: the Doņana National Park, where endangered species, such as the Spanish Imperial Eagle, also known as Adalbert's Eagle (Aquila adalberti), and the Iberian Lynx (Felis pardina), can occasionally be sighted; the picturesque Bay of Cádiz; the steeply-pitched shorelines of the southern section of the Andalusian coastline; the salt marshes of Barbate and the seaside cliffs at La Breņa (both within the La Breņa y Marismas del Barbate Natural Park); and the sprawling wetlands at the mouths of the rivers Tinto and Odiel, where there is a profusion of water fowl and, in season, other migratory birds, including storks and flamingos.
Street address of navigation pointcanos de meca, spain
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