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Grand Prix Slovakia

Competition nameGrand Prix Slovakia
Start date20110722
End date20110724
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityLadomerska Vieska
Club/organizerTJ Rapid Bratislava, SC Sandberg Bratislava, Ladomerska Vieska
Number of competition days3
Expected number of runners500
WRE event?No
URL for event homepage[Link]
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URL for invitation[Link]
Contact email address
Contact phone number+421903514492
Max distance from eventcentre to competitions2km
Latest entry date1.6.2011 / 1.7.2011
Entry fee (Euro)18
Typical accomodation fee, hotel (Euro)10 - 50
Typical accomodation fee, tent (Euro)3 - 10
Event description3-Day international open competition in day orienteering with specified order of controls
Terrain descriptionAt the boundary of the mountain range Štiavnické vrchy to the basin of Žiarska kotlina at an altitude of 270 to 540 meters above the sea level, the two different rock types produced a unique topography. On top of volcanic rock lies continental terrain of steep, mostly smooth slopes with ocassional rocky protrusions. At the foothill of the mountains are fluvial sediments in which water erosion and landslides formed network of branched and winding ravines with terraces, knolls, crests and marschy depressions in between. In this flat part of terrain can be found boulders that had falled from the surrounding slopes. In the south part of the terrain are ruines of a village Horné Opatovce. The vegetation is very diverse: beech and oak forests, abandonned orchards and former pastures reforested with pine and larch. Some landslides are stabilized by turkey oak plantations. Larger areas of marshy flatland are overgrown by alder. Runnability and visibility varies from very good to poor. The network of roads and paths is of medium density, yet avoids the landslide areas. This is technically demanding terrain, often with difficult control point approaches where running strength alone is not sufficient for victory.
Holiday activities,nature,hiking etc.Štiavnické vrchy / Selmeci hegység / Schemnitzer Berge mountains were for the protection of their volcanic geomorfology, precious forest and meadow ecosystems, historical mining monuments, ancient settlement and landscape structure designated as Protected Landscape Area. Banská Štiavnica / Selmecbánya / Schemnitz: historical mining town, listed in the UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage list. Kováčová: spa town with the newest mineral water well built in 1983 in depth of 536 m, with sulphur-hydrocarbon, calcic-magnesite, thermal, hypotonic water Kováčová: spa town with the newest mineral water well built in 1983 in depth of 536 m, with sulphur-hydrocarbon, calcic-magnesite, thermal, hypotonic water. Kremnica / Körmöcbánya / Kremnitz: historical mining town, with still operating State Mint. A numismatist’s paradise – Museum of coins and medals, collector’s shop. Well-preserved town’s ramparts and Town Castle with the gothic St. Catherine Church. Thermal baths Katarína in Kremnica: Thermal water from depth of 376m with beneficial properties for the nervous system with 50m swimming and recreational pools, children pool and sitting pool. Lehôtka pod Brehmi / Apáthegyalja / Burgloß: natural monument Szabóova skala (Szabó’s Rock) – rhyolitic rock with 50m high, almost vertical cliff, nice view. Next to it Bralce (Kečka) – rhyolitic hill with deep natural rock pits made accessible by an adventurous educational path. Both sites are among geocachers’ favourite ones. Sklené Teplice / Szklenófürdő / Glashütten bei Neusohl: small spa, whose top attraction is Parenica: travertine cave with thermal water.
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