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The Youth Jukola

Competition nameThe Youth Jukola
Start date20080823
End date20080823
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityEspoo
Club/organizerEspoon Suunta
Region of countrySouthern Finland
Number of competition days1
Expected number of runners1000
WRE event?No
URL for event homepage[Link]
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Max distance from eventcentre to competitions0,1
Event descriptionSince 1986, the Jukola relay for young orienteers has been arranged each year as a separate event in August. The relay consists of 7 legs for seven orienteers between ages from 11 to 18 years. There are legs for the boys as well as for the girls. The combination teams of two or three small foreign clubs can take part in the relay according to the principles mentioned in the invitation. Read more:
Terrain descriptionThe competition area is located in Espoo outdoor recreation area. The vegetation is mixed forest with coniferous and leaf trees. Elevation differences vary between small and moderate. Numerous paths and exercise tracks provide support for youngest orienteers, while hills with detailed bare rock areas give enough challenges for the oldest ones.
Training possibilitiesHelsinki area maps. See more
Holiday activities,nature,hiking etc.On the next day the final of the finnish Huippuliiga. See more:
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