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Start date20210807
End date20210813
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityVelence
Club/organizerHungarian Orienteering Federation, Tabáni Spartacus Sport és Környezetvédő Egyesület
Region of countryVelence
Number of competition days5
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CorrectionsMake corrections for this event
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Contact email address
Contact phone number+36 70 644 7340
Latest entry date2021.07.12.
Entry fee (Euro)First deadline: 3rd May 2021:Entry fee for Sprint races only:EUR 100 - Entry fee for Forest races only:EUR 110 - Entry fee for all races:EUR 140
Event descriptionThe event is organised according to the Competition Rules for IOF Foot Orienteering events (2021) and the WMOC Manual (2021) The WMOC Sprint competition consists of one Qualification race and a Final race. The WMOC Forest competitions consist of one Qualification race, a Middle Final race and a Long Final race. Qualifiers for each Final will be determined in accordance with IOF Competition Rules (2021). Details will be published in Bulletin 2 and on The SPORTident punching and timing system will be used. Touch free mode (Air+) will be activated in addition to classic SPORTident punching Embargoed areas and old maps are shown on the WMOC 2021 webpage: Entries are open from 17th December 2020, exclusively via IOF Eventor: Instructions for registration for both individuals and tour group operators are also available on the IOF Eventor page. Please contact the WMOC 2021 Office at for any queries.It is possible to enter separately for the Sprint or the Forest races (for this, select ‘Sprint Qualification’ or ‘Forest Qualification’ upon entering). Entries become valid only after the payment of the entry fee is paid, which will be confirmed in Eventor (however, payment confirmation for bank transfers may take some days after the entry deadlines - the date of the payment determines which deadline you made and not the date of the confirmation).
Terrain descriptionSPRINT QUALIFICATION RACE - BUDAÖRS 30% park and 70% urban terrain with housing estate buildings and residential houses, small shopping centres, parks and schools. Building patterns are irregular and courtyards of schools, sport grounds, etc. provide good orienteering challenge. There will be some climb in the courses. Little traffic is expected. SPRINT FINAL RACE - SZÉKESFEHÉRVÁR Downtown area of the old Hungarian coronation city with 10% park and 90% urban terrain. Typical old town area with smaller and bigger passages, little parks and some residential areas. Some of the courtyards are expected to be opened for the WMOC Sprint Final. Building patterns are irregular. The area has very little elevation difference. Roads inside the area will be closed, but minor traffic and walkers are expected in the complex downtown area. FOREST QUALIFICATION RACE - PÁKOZD This is a moderately hilly area between 150-240 m asl with many erosion features (spurs and re-entrants), small hills and man-made pits. Mostly oak forest, partly open areas with irregular thickets and bushes. There is some ground vegetation in the forested areas. There are some granite boulders, mostly 1 to 2 metres, but a couple are as large as 10 metres. Open areas have hard granite surface. Firm ground, no marshes. Runnability and visibility is limited in the forest part and excellent in the open areas. Moderate track density
Training possibilitiesTRAINING POSSIBILITIES Competitions held in similar terrains before WMOC 2021 will be listed on with a link to the event. The 58th Spring Spartacus Cup will be organised as a pre-WMOC 2021 competition by Tabáni Spartacus SKE on 13th-15th March 2021 near Gánt on similar type of terrain. The Tipo Cup will be organised by Tipo TKE on 10th-11th April 2021 (dates are preliminary) near Szárliget in partly similar terrain. The Dunántúl Cup will be organised on 2nd-4th July near Csór on similar type of terrain. The competition includes a sprint race in Várpalota. Maps of similar areas for self-training can be provided by the organisers – contact The organiser will not provide controls, etc. before WMOC 2021.
Holiday activities,nature,hiking etc.Terrain description: MIDDLE FINAL RACE - PÁKOZD This is a moderately hilly area between 150-240 m asl with many erosion features (spurs and small re-entrants) and man-made pits. Most of the area is on a slope, where getting the elevation right will be essential. Mostly open areas with irregular thickets and bushes with some green forest between the open areas. The longer courses will also visit some forested areas (oak). There is some ground vegetation in the forested areas, but none in the open areas. There are some granite boulders, mostly 1 to 2 metres high. Open areas have hard granite surface. Firm ground, no marshes. Runnability is excellent in most places, but limited in the green / forested areas. Varying visibility, even in the open areas (because of the thickets). Low track density. LONG FINAL RACE - LOVASBERÉNY This is a hilly area between 200-350 m asl. The steeper parts are located farther away from the arena. The terrain was partly formed by erosion, the valleys are deeper in the hilly areas. There are also small hills and some man-made pits in the terrain. Vegetation is oak forest with different shades of green and some open parts, but the forested area is dominant. Some ground vegetation. There are many granite boulders, 1 to 3 metres high, in one part of the terrain. Steep valley sides feature rocks and cliffs, but most of the terrain is not rocky. Firm ground, no marshes. Runnability is mostly limited, ideal for route-choice orienteering. The area close to the finish has particularly good runnability. Visibility is mostly limited. Visibility is better in the steep hillsides and close to the finish area. Average track density.
Street address of navigation point47.242581, 18.647742
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