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40. Wawel Cup

Competition name40. Wawel Cup
Start date20210714
End date20210718
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityKraków
Club/organizerWKS Wawel
Region of countryMalopolska
Number of competition days5
Expected number of runners1500
WRE event?No
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Contact email address
Contact phone number607300459
Contact postal addressPodchorążych 3
Max distance from eventcentre to competitions10
Latest entry date5.07.2021
Entry fee (Euro)20 - 45 (depand on age category)
Typical accomodation fee, hotel (Euro)-
Typical accomodation fee, tent (Euro)5 euro per day
Event descriptionWe have a vision of an event respected in Poland and recommended by athletes from abroad. Event with tradition, looking for modern solutions at the same time. Various areas, good maps, interesting courses and excellent atmosphere. We strive to make the Wawel Cup remain and become a „holiday competition with class”. When organizing the event, we try to care for every detail. We want that every runner during Wawel Cup feels great! Wawel Cup 2021 is about the return to Jura Krakowsko- -Czestochowska; to the place which is unambiguously associated with Orienteering. We will start the competition with the mass start on Błędów Desert and for the next four days we will face interesting and diverse terrains with lot of rocks. Loads of attractions, additional contests, handicap, emotions, medieval castles, rocks and foremost... good fun - this mixture will let every competitor remember Wawel Cup for long!
Terrain descriptionAt the very beginning, Wawel Cup 2021 competition comes back to Błędów Desert. This time in a form of mass start with many control points. Our cherry on the top is the location of competition center - one of the most attractive location in the history. The compass rose located in desert will stay in every participant’s memory for long! After a 9 year long gap, we are coming back to Jura, to one of the most interesting and most diversified terrains. Rodaki is about the large number of rocky formations, half-opened terrains, as well as diversified forms of the terrain. Long distance run during second day will be the icing on the cake of next Wawel Cup! Next stage is yet another day with rocky fun! Following Wikipedia: Świniuszka is a hill, covered by loads of rocks and caves”. You will experience a short stage with a map with enlarged scale... and control points nearly almost every feature! Coming back to long tradition of organizing additional competitions during Wawel Cup, we would like to prepare something special! Preliminaries, final A, final B - a lot of emotions, rocky courses and foremost the finish line at the courtyard of the most majestic Jura castle. A real blast! 4th day of Wawel Cup will be about yet another middle run. The competition will be held on four hills and what you will find there is... a lot of rocky formations! Some of them will be placed on half-opened terrains, the rest will be hiddened in Jura’s vegetation. Please expect a challenging rocky middle! At the very end of the event, the runners will compete in handicap run. Thanks to very good runnability in the forest, runners will be able to develop higher speed. One will have to have their finger on the pulse due to the big number of elements in the terrain and rocks and… the excitement related to final start!
Training possibilitiesOur come back to Jura means come back to Żelazko which is like Polish Orienteering “Mecca”. This is the place when we organise training field, available to you as of Monday. Rocky terrains with diverse runnability might be a good warm-up before the Polish Orienteering feast! (12-13.07)
Holiday activities,nature,hiking etc.More info on our website in tourist catalogue. According to Wikipedia „The Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, also known as the Polish Jurassic Highland or Polish Jura (Polish: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska), is part of the Jurassic System of south–central Poland, stretching between the cities of Kraków, Częstochowa and Wieluń. The Polish Jura borders the Lesser Polish Upland to the north and east, the foothills of the Western Carpathians to the south and Silesian Upland to the west. The Polish Jura consists of a hilly landscape with Jurassic limestone rocks, cliffs, valleys and vast limestone formations, featuring some 220 caves. The relief of the upland developed since the Paleogene, under climatic conditions changing considerably. Its main component is a peneplain, crowned by monadnocks, rocky masses that resisted erosion, generated as hard rock on Late Jurassic buildup surrounded by less resistant bedded limestone of the same age.[1] The Polish Jura is visited by roughly 400,000 visitors a year. Part of it belongs to the Ojców National Park, the smallest of Poland's twenty national parks, ranking among the most attractive recreational areas of the country.”
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Live GPS tracking available?No
Live TV available?No
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