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Teku Taku Rogaining

Competition nameTeku Taku Rogaining
Start date20190811
End date20190811
Race typeNational
Nearest place or cityOgre
Club/organizerSport Club Teku Taku
Region of countryMeņģele, Ogre region, 90 km from Riga
Number of competition days1
Expected number of runners500
WRE event?No
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Contact email address
Contact phone number+371 29636476
Contact postal addressAvotkalni, Ēdoles pagasts, Kuldīgas novads
Latest entry date11 August 2019
Entry fee (Euro)30 EUR
Typical accomodation fee, hotel (Euro)40 EUR
Typical accomodation fee, tent (Euro)0 EUR
Event descriptionRogaining, time limit 4 or 8 hours, by foot. Teams of 2 to 5 people. MO, WO, XO - men, women, mixed open. MJ, WJ, XJ men, women, mixed junior up to 22 years of age. MV, WV, XV men, women, mixed senior from 40 years of age. MSV, WSV, XSV men, women, mixed supersenior from 55 years of age. MUV, WUV, XUV men, women, mixed supersenior from 65 years of age. Family - at least 2 generations from one family with at least one member 14 years or younger. Start: 11:00 Maps handed out for regaining distance planning at 10:00. Each team before start gets a set of maps. All participants are asked to arrive at the start area by 10:50. Course: In the race area there will be 50 checkpoints (CP) with values from 3 to 8 points. The first digit of the CP number indicates the value of the CP (for example: CP 48 4 points, CP 72 7 points etc.). Punching: SPORTIdent (SI) punching system will be used. Each team member will get his/her SI card fixed around arm with a durable bracelet (if the bracelet is broken the team may get disqualified). All team members are required to punch CP station within the limits of 1 minute. Finish:Finish is located at the same place where the start is. 4 hours course 15:00 (finish corridor will be closed at 15:30) 8 hours course 19:00 (finish corridor will be closed at 19:30) After the finish organizers will remove SI card from participant's arm and read the data. Teams which exceed the finishing time mentioned above will lose 1 point from their score per each minute (including the running minute) exceeded. Teams which exceed the finishing time by 30 minutes or more will not be ranked. Results: After the finish participants will receive a printout with data from their SI cards. These printouts are considered to indicate the initial results, not the final results. Initial results will be posted at the event centre. Final results will be published at website
Terrain descriptionCompetition area is located in Mengele and Madliena parishes in Ogre municipality on the Midlatvian sloped plain. The map area is traversed by Ogre river. Within the race area Ogre river is crossed two bridges. The river can be waded across in many places. When crossing the river in other places than bridges participants must take extra caution and full responsibility for their safety. The area hosts several swamps. Well-developed network of firebrakes and roads. Many ditches. Terrain is flat (80 120 metres above sea level) apart from Ogre river valley with very steep and high banks. Runnability varies from good to difficult. Map: Map has been prepared exclusively for this regaining race. Waterproof. Map was prepared in 2019, using the latest imagery and laser scanning data. Surveying was conducted at the summer of 2019. Information about the scale of the map will be published one week before the race. Elevation contours 2.0 m. There will be 4 potable water points provided in the competition area. Water points will be indicated with a symbol of a "glass" on the map (the water point will be located in the centre of this symbol). Several prohibited areas on the map, indicated with red grid, and private residential areas, indicated with olive green. It is strictly forbidden to cross these territories; in case of noncompliance the team will be disqualified. It is prohibited to cross crop fields too
Street address of navigation pointTautas nams, Meņģele, Meņģeles pag., Ogres nov., LV-5047
Live results available?No
Live GPS tracking available?No
Live TV available?No
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