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US Individual Orienteering Championships & WRE

Competition nameUS Individual Orienteering Championships & WRE
Start date20071103
End date20071104
Race typeNational
Nearest place or cityTriangle, VA (about 50km S of Washington DC), USA
Club/organizerQuantico Orienteering Club
Region of countryMid-Atlantic
Number of competition days3 including Sprint Championships
Expected number of runners500
WRE event?Yes
URL for event homepage[Link]
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Contact phone number+1-301-765-0841
Event descriptionThe 2007 US Individual Orienteering Championships will be held Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 3-4, 2007, following the US Sprint Orienteering Championships being held Nov. 2 in the same park. Nov. 3 will be a WRE day. International orienteers are encouraged to participate. These 3 days of Championship events will be held in Prince William Forest Park, a National Park offering classic O'terrain just 35 miles south of Washington DC. The event is being held at a time of year that is relatively mild yet offers the potential for visibility as most of the leaves will be off trees. E-punching will be offered on all courses, along with WinSplits and RouteGadget.
Terrain descriptionPrince William Forest Park is the largest natural area in the Washington DC metropolitan area at over 17,000 acres. It has been the site of several orienteering championships over the years, including the 1992 North American Championships and most recently, the 2002 US Individual Championships. The 2007 Championships will use a new map, based on both a new basemap as well as extensive fieldchecking of several large areas that have never been used before for orienteering. The terrain features primarily consist of beautiful mature deciduous (hardwood) trees growing over topography that varies from gently rolling to steep. While the park has therefore been blessed with many hills, ditches, and reentrants, there are relatively few rock features. In contrast to the sections of the park previously used, the 2007 map contains far more complex vegetation, and several new symbols have been used to capture the nature of the "green" vegetation and the ways in which runnability and visibility may vary in ways that are not necessarily correlated.
Training possibilitiesA model event will be available on Friday, Nov. 2, 2007. Until then, orienteers competing in any Championship events are prohibited from visiting Prince William Forest Park.
Holiday activities,nature,hiking etc.Details about nearby attractions, whether cultural or outdoors, will be posted on the US Champs website at a future date.
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