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Competition nameO-Ringen
Start date20190721
End date20190727
Race typeInternational
Nearest place or cityNorrköping
Number of competition days5 days
WRE event?No
URL for event homepage[Link]
Event descriptionO-Ringen Kolmården will offer challenges for each and every competitor, ranging from elite runners fighting for the final victory after five days, to those who want to challenge themselves from day to day, and to the youngest kids having fun on the string course
Terrain descriptionExperience the wonderful terrain of Kolmården, filled with beautiful nature reserves! The terrain of Kolmården is unique in its kind, where you as an orienteer will face the detailed and incredibly small-scaled and technically challenging areas. You will also be enjoying the views on the stunning low-lined mountain ranges and looking out over divine beautiful small forest lakes. The terrain parts we carefully selected also offer a unique combination of technically and physically the hardest possible for the elite and at the same time superb areas rich with paths for our younger runners, as well as MtbO and Trail O. Some areas have not been competed in for many, many years since the areas we selected largely consist of nature reserves. We are very prepared to offer good variety, not only on the terrain between the stages, but also course-wise.
Training possibilities
Holiday activities,nature,hiking etc.With about 30 minutes drive from O-Ringencity you will find Kolmårdens Wildlife Park with the new World of Bamse and the world's best wooden roller coaster, WildFire. In Kolmårdens Wildlife Pael you will also meet lots of vibrant wildlife from all the jungles, forests, mountains, savannas and seas of ​​the world. For the happy swimmer, the coast, archipelagos and several smaller bathing lakes offer beautiful baths after the races. A wonderful example is Arkösund, one of Östergötland's beautiful archipelagos. Here you can experience genuine coastal environments, untouched nature and a vibrant cultural landscape. Be sure to swim, sunbathe, kayak or take a walk in the archipelago. Historical experiences are also found at the impressive and interactive Air Force Museum in Linköping and at Nyköpingshus in Nyköping. Even more history will you find on the road from Norrköping towards the neighboring municipality and also the competition arena in ​​Finspång, in the form of one of Sweden's oldest glassworks, Reijmyre Glasbruk. In Reijmyre there is also another historical site worth visiting, namely Häfla Hammarsmedja, a unique 1920s industrial plant. Once in Finspång you will find a fantastic nature with a lot of small bathing lakes and lovely forests in which the first two stages of O-Ringen Kolmården 2019 are being held. In the arena for these stages you can cool down after the race by experiencing indoor swimmin pool at Arena Grosvad.
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